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1) I kinda like the house hunting :p

2) I made a to-do list for today and I'm confident I'll get it done!

3) Going out for dinner this evening with boyfriend, boyfriend's sister and her fiance, boyfriend's father and his girlfriend and her daughter. And this dinner has been planned for over a month already. So, lucky me, seeing my cooking plate is not working... 

Date: 2017-07-05 03:39 pm (UTC)
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^_________^ I'm happy you like the hunt (and I kinda understand)
*cheers you on* go and complete the list ^_~
Enjoy the dinner, it's a convenient timing indeed.

1) Took my father's place at the very last drink for my granny's birthday this year. In the home where she's staying, they arrange coffee/tea and cake for the celebrating residents the next month. They a couple of family members to join them and the director joins them for a chat. It would have been too much of a hustle for my dad to come with his broken leg but my aunt and uncle are taking him (and my mum) to dinner this evening.

2) Made most of my dinner yesterday. I'll only have to finish it and enjoy it with a nice glass of wine.

3) Cherries for dessert.


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