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1) I'm going to my parents for dinner and with this kind of lovely weather, we'll surely have an aperitif in the garden first. 

2) Spending time on the canopy swing in their garden.

3) It looks like my self-imposed rest and avoiding to read on the computer or watch too much tv, has been for the better. My irritated eye only starts up near the evening and the throat ache seems to have disappeared *crosses fingers this will remain*

Date: 2017-07-10 10:43 am (UTC)
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Yay dinner at your parents and enjoying the good weather in their garden! ^^
Oh, more yay for the throat ache to have disappeared and the irritated eye to have bettered. *hugs*

1) Mum and I picked up my sister at the airport in the morning. She came home after near 3 weeks in Uganda. ^^ We all (my parents, my sister and her hubby, and me and boyfriend) had lunch in my parents' garden. ^^
2) Housewarming of friends.
3) Lazy evening. And homemade pizza for dinner.


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