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[personal profile] dark_kana2017-09-19 08:03 am

Tuesday 19/09/2017

1) Friends who listen and send understanding, cheering up, or comforting words. 

2) Comforting hugs from boyfriend and he even managed to make me smile :-)

3) Early night in this evening.
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[personal profile] dark_kana2017-09-18 08:48 am

Monday 18/09/2017

1) Yum leftovers for lunch. 

2) Trying to write. 

3) My mum is coming over aftter dinner to watch a series together :-)
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[personal profile] lhune2017-09-17 10:14 am

Sunday 17/09/2017

1) Sunny start of the day. I <3 sunshine.

2) My dad will pick me up for dinner at my parents's place.

3) The sun stayed for the rest of the day and I had a lovely time on the canopied swing in my parents' garden.
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[personal profile] lhune2017-09-16 11:45 am

Saturday 16/09/2017

1) The unexpected dizziness from yesterday has left *crosses her fingers it will stay away* 

2) Nice hot shower this morning with a coffee scrub.

3) I'll probably finish reading my book today ^___^
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[personal profile] dark_kana2017-09-15 08:05 am

Friday 15/09/2017

1) Quickly going to do my chores when I come home from work. So they will be done and I don't have to think about them any more. 

2) Tea and lazy clothing when I arrive at home.

3) Going to try and write some more.
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[personal profile] dark_kana2017-09-14 08:07 am

Thursday 14/09/2017

1) Finally managed to finish a pile of work at work. Now I can start at the next pile :p

2) Lemon cookies. Utterly delicious!

3) There is a new girl at ju-jitsu training, and she's pretty good for one who tries this for the first time :-)
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[personal profile] dark_kana2017-09-13 07:42 am

Wednesday 13/09/2017

1) Had a lovely phone chat with my grandmother and with lhune yesterday evening. Also, spend a lovely time with my parents yesterday evening.

2) Had a nice hot shower this morning. 

3) Have some ideas for 2 more drabbles. Hopefully I can write them out today... ^^
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[personal profile] dark_kana2017-09-12 08:29 am

Tuesday 12/09/2017

1) Slept pretty well. Still tired. But slept well :-)

2) I've been writing some and it feels good ^^

3) Trying to plan my week...
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[personal profile] dark_kana2017-09-11 08:22 am

Monday 11/09/2017

1) I had an amazing weekend away with friends! <3

2) Boyfriend is going to do grocery shopping. While I go to my parents' vegetable garden.

3) Lazy evening. 
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[personal profile] lhune2017-09-10 09:28 am

Sunday 10/09/2017

1) Sunshine <3

2) I'm going to search for lovely things on a flea market this afternoon. 

3) Dinner at my parents's place.
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[personal profile] lhune2017-09-09 09:45 am

Saturday 09/09/2017

1) At least an hour for shower with scrub and all <3

2) After a couple of chores I plan to read the rest of the day.

3) I'm still hyper we're going to London next month ^^;  
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[personal profile] dark_kana2017-09-08 08:10 am

Friday 08/09/2017

1) Only half a day working, and then some quick chores, and then I'm going to continue writing a bit! :-)

2) London with BFF is booked! :D Thanks so much [personal profile] lhune !

3) A weekend away with my volley friends! Looking forward to it!

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[personal profile] dark_kana2017-09-07 08:15 am

Thursday 07/09/2017

1) Managed to write a little bit yesterday. Hopefully I can manage some today as well :-)

2) Trying to get everthing organised...

3) Boyfriend and I managed to convince my nephew to start ju-jitsu as well :p
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[personal profile] dark_kana2017-09-06 07:42 am

Wednesday 06/09/2017

1) Listening to awesome music on my way to work.

2) I have mint to add to my water bottle.

3) Dinner with boyfriend's mother this evening after training.
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[personal profile] dark_kana2017-09-05 08:04 am

Tuesday 05/09/2017

1) Heard the violin playing on my way to work ^^

2) Reading good short stories.

3) My parents are coming over for dinner!!! :-)
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[personal profile] dark_kana2017-09-04 08:10 am

Monday 04/09/2017

1) Lhune came over yesterday to catch up with the last 3 episode of Poldark's season 3. I had a great afternoon! And thanks for the comforting hug and the chats!

2) I have a yummy salad with me to work. 

3) TEA!
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[personal profile] lhune2017-09-03 10:50 pm

Sunday 03/09/2017

Apparently dreamwidth has eaten my earlier post to this comm. ^^;;; Here's the repeat.

1) Quick lunch at my parents' place.

2) Afternoon with [personal profile] dark_kana  catching up with the 3 last episodes of Poldark.

3) Delicious dinner at her place with our other BFF coming over as well. We looked at a possibility to visit London again.
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[personal profile] lhune2017-09-02 09:12 am

Saturday 02/09/2017

1) A sunny start of the day and the flowers I bought Wednesday are still emitting a lovely scent. 

2) Massive headache from yesterday has lessened somewhat *sighs in relief*

3) I'm going to read a Harry Potter book again. Either Deathly Hallows or Cursed Child...
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[personal profile] dark_kana2017-09-01 08:07 am

Friday 01/09/2017

1) Reading makes me want to write. Perhaps I can manage to write some Saturday...

2) Picking up my mum right after work and we're going shopping a little bit first (Ikea :p) and then we're going to visit my grandmother in the hospital and then we're going to do grocery shopping ^^

3) Friends from jujitsu coming over for dinner and back to the future 3 ^^
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[personal profile] dark_kana2017-08-31 08:08 am

Thursday 31/08/2017

1) On rainy mornings like this, I'm happy I have really good raingear. 

2) Water with raspberries and blueberries ^^

3) One of the place me and my friends often go to for a drink or a quick something to eat (and where I often get my breakfast before work), is going to close. They move to the other end of town. So I'm going there for a last drink with [personal profile] lhune during lunch break :-)