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[personal profile] dark_kana2017-07-25 08:04 am

Tuesday 25/07/2017

1) Going to try and write a bit during lunch break. 

2) Going over to my grandparents this evening and staying there for dinner.

3) Tea.
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[personal profile] dark_kana2017-07-24 08:07 am

Monday 24/07/2017

1) Fresh bedlinen.

2) Remebered to bring grocery list and bags with me to work so I do it on my way home. 

3) Dinner at my sister's place. With my sister, her hubby, my parents and my boyfriend. Looking forward to that! :-)
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[personal profile] lhune2017-07-23 08:54 am

Sunday 23/07/2017

1) Clean bedlinen for tonight.

2) I can can access a protected site to upload documents to the government from my own laptop. Before I had to use my parents' computer because my laptop complained the connection wasn't secure. *rolls eyes*

3) I'm going to my parents for dinner.
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Saturday 22/07/2017

1) Late breakfast on my sunny balcony.

2) Another lazy day enjoying the sunshine while it lasts with a good book ^_^

3) Will make time however to wash my new clothes. (yay, at least one productive item on my list this time)
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[personal profile] lhune2017-07-21 01:46 pm

Friday 21/07/2017

1) Beautiful weather with lots of sunshine.

2) Had some lovely phone calls with my family.

3) Lazy day, reading a Harry Potter book again.
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Thursday 20/07/2017

1) Slept pretty well, without waking once during the night. Still tired, but I can manage through the last working day of the week.

2) Yummy snacks at work.

3) Going out for dinner with lots of ju-jitsu this evening. Looking forward to that! :D
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[personal profile] lhune2017-07-19 12:13 pm

Wednesday 19/07/2017

1) Had a marvellous dream last night. I was playing in a detective of some kind ^__^

2) Refreshing rain, nature will be very happy about that.

3) I've finally found a way to upload some documents to the government. So far it only worked on my parents's computer but I have high hopes I can use my own laptop for it next time.
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[personal profile] dark_kana2017-07-18 07:52 am

Tuesday 18/07/2017

1) Home made soup ^^

2) Easy leftovers for dinner and a lazy evening, seeing boyfriend is to a comedy show with friends.

3) Time to read, seeing I take public transport this week and it's school holiday so it isn't crowded! :D
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Monday 17/07/2017

1) Hopefully we're able to visit a house this evening. 

2) I had a good public transport connection to work this morning. (boyfriend's bike is broken and he has taken my bike because his public transport connection to work sucks and mine is okay)

3) Water pimped with some lime :-)
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[personal profile] lhune2017-07-16 10:00 am

Sunday 016/07/2017

 1) I finished reading the book I borrowed from [personal profile] dark_kana .

2) Saw 'La Grande Vadrouille' again XD Love that film.

3) Wimbledon finals! (And we get to learn who the new Doctor will be -^_^ )
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[personal profile] lhune2017-07-15 10:05 am

Saturday 15/07/2017

1) Going into town in an hour, to get the last of the sales. (only a couple of items I'm looking for)

2) Easy but healthy dinner this evening.

3) Coffee *cherishes her cup of dark liquid* 
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[personal profile] dark_kana2017-07-14 08:01 am

Friday 14/07/2017

1) My little sister is doing well :-) Still a little weak, but feeling much better than the previous 2 days ^^ *is very happy*

2) Going to visit my sister. Either still in the hospital or at home already! :D

3) Home made soup and easy dinner for this evening.
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Thursday 13/07/2017

1) Yesterday was a stressy day. But all went well. My sister had a trombose near her brain and her body made some connections between bloodstreams so low oxigen blood and rich oxigen blood mixed on the way to her brain. So they had to operate. Luckily it was at a 'good' place in the brain. The operation went well. And eventhough she had to stay at intensive care until this morning, I was able to see her yesterday evening. Also, we have a friend from our volley team who works in that hospital, and she has visited my sister regularly at intensive care. 

2) Leftover salad for lunch and they predict a day filled with sunshine.

3) Going to visit my sister right after work. Chances are I'm going to stay untill they kick me out :p (if she is up to it of course. Because I presume she will have lots of visitors...) And boyfriend is going to make dinner this evening, so it will be ready when I get back home from the hospital. 
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[personal profile] dark_kana2017-07-12 08:07 am

Wednesday 12/07/2017

1) The rain was refreshing and calmed my mind a little bit

2) Tea

3) Comforting hugs
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[personal profile] dark_kana2017-07-11 09:44 am

Tuesday 11/07/2017

1) Day off from work. Sleeping in a little and managed to do all my chores before noon!

2) Going to visit my sister in the hospital twice today. I'm nervous like hell for tomorrow. So I need to see her today! ^^

3) Lhune is coming over for Poldark fangirling! :-)
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[personal profile] dark_kana2017-07-10 08:01 am

Monday 10/07/2017

1) Slept well . 

2) Tea. 

3)  No rain while cycling to work. Though it was raining when I woke up and it seemed like it could start any second while I was on the road. I'm sure it's going to start pouring soon. 
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[personal profile] lhune2017-07-09 09:32 am

Sunday 09/07/2017

1) I'm going to my parents for dinner and with this kind of lovely weather, we'll surely have an aperitif in the garden first. 

2) Spending time on the canopy swing in their garden.

3) It looks like my self-imposed rest and avoiding to read on the computer or watch too much tv, has been for the better. My irritated eye only starts up near the evening and the throat ache seems to have disappeared *crosses fingers this will remain*
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Saturday 08/07/2017

1) Crossed by utterly adorable little neighbour on the stairs. He had just gotten a ball from his father and was so proud of it and wanted to show it to me.

2) I still had a pair of crutches in my cellar to help out my parents' neighbour.

3) Lazy day. 
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Friday 07/07/2017

1) Early morning cuddles with boyfriend. 

2) Almost weekend! (Is counting down) And if all goes well, my cooking plate should be fixed today!

3) Friends from jujitsu coming over for dinner :-) Just for safetly (should the cooking plate not be fixed...) we are going to make home made pizza... :D
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[personal profile] dark_kana2017-07-06 07:58 am

Thursday 06/07/2017

1) Luckily boyfriend can get the day off tomorrow (due the collegues being on holiday, I cannot), seeing our technician for the cooking plate is coming "somewhere between 8h00 and 17h00"... *sweatdrop* But okay, boyfriend is home.

2) I feel like writing, but seem to be lacking time. I'm going to try and drabble some during lunch break :-)

3) A friend from ju-jitsu invited us over for dinner :D Comes in handy with the dead cooking plate :p