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3 good things a day

because everybody needs a little bit of sunshine even on dark days

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Name:3 Good Things a Day
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Right, so ... This community is inspired by the [ profile] 3_good_things community on LJ. Because we all could do with some focuss on good and happy things instead of bad and sad things. :-)

Rules and notes

° Posts will be made, every day, by [personal profile] dark_kana and [personal profile] lhune. Just comment to our three good things with three good things of your own. Anything you think that made, or will make, your day a little happier

° Remember that this is a feel good community. Don't go around flaming or bashing or name-calling or giving negative comments in any way. Because, they will be deleted. Spamming will get your post deleted immedietly - we don't need ads for Sneakers or Viagra here!

° You do not have to join the community in order to comment.

° Replies to comments are welcome. You might meet new and wonderful people. :-)

Most of all - remember we are here to share some brightness in eachothers days - whether we're having a dark day or not.
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